Wide radius sander


Motor: 750W-220V- 350/1400 rpm
Weight: 4 Kg
Dimensions: L 140 cm (wide range) – L 100 cm (medium range).
Optional: self-leveling diamond discs, fiber pads, 180mm diamond disc, tungsten drum discs, sponge pads, suction tube, interface for wool caps, velcro interface, lambswool caps, additional handles, abrasive papers
Connection: normal current
Length of the power cable: 3 Mt
Spare parts: on request at wink.tools@gmail.com
Warranty: 1 year

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Telescopic sander for ceilings and walls with connection designed to be used with any vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a sander, polisher or grinder. It is ideal for removing remnants of wallpaper, paint, glue or plaster and is ideal for sanding walls and ceilings.
The speed of the item is variable thanks to the 750W-220V- 350/1400 rpm motor complete with electronic speed control and automatic circuit breaker in case of overheating due to overpressure. The handle, ergonomic and easy to handle, has a diameter of 35 mm while the diameter of the abrasive disc is 200mm or 225mm.
Phone: +39 348 5906830
Mail: wink.tools@gmail.com

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