Gelcoat milling machine


Particularly suitable for the millimeter removal of gelcoat layers in anti-osmosis treatments on fiberglass boats. During use, the suction bell must be kept parallel to the surface. The gelcoat milling machine used, for example, in a hull of a boat previously brought to the starting depth, removes the entire surface from 0 to max 3 mm in excess with maximum effectiveness, precision and speed. The lateral cut of the suction bell, which acts as a limit switch, allows the operator to pass several times, in total safety, in the same point, excluding the possibility of milling beyond the starting plane.
The 220V-1200W 2800/10000 rpm motor has a 65 mm cutter with 3 triangular 22 mm aluminum blades; the adjustment is made by means of screws of the same lateral milling depth: from 0 to 3 mm.

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Motor: 220V-1200W 2800/10000 rpm
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 15x20x6 cm
Connection: normal current
Cable length: 3 mt
Spare parts: on request at
Warranty: 1 year
Phone: +39 348 5906830

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