About Us

Wink operates in the tooling world, with versatile, easy to use, ergonomic, reliable and competitive products. At the heart of each of our projects there is only one priority: the physical well-being of the operator.

We like to work well and in total safety, and we want you to do it too! Our tools are made up of the thirty years of experience of our German subsidiary, and the high-quality and highly reliable Made in Italy supports . Made in Italy brand make the difference in the history of our country. We interface with the world, but with products in which quality, patents and after-sales assistance make the difference.

With high-tech machine tools, we design and manufacture the metal components of our products. The engines are supplied to us by our German subsidiary and then arrive in our factory in Ancona, where we assemble and test the final products. Our technicians and our designers will support you with any questions and after-sales assistance.

If you like resourcefulness and you usually solve things, you are in the right place.

Wink has everything you need for those who, like you, want to “get by on their own”.

Discover all our products and for any information do not hesitate to contact us: +39 348 5906830wink.tools@gmail.com