Grinder with Platomandrino


The platomandrino is a tool that can be used on any type of angle grinder with 14MA connection. It is used to sand shutters, weldings, porcelain stoneware or for any other smoothing operation to be carried out quickly. The tool consists of a pin, which on one side is fixed to the grinder and on the other houses a harmonic steel disc with a thickness of 0.5 mm. The disc can be coupled to zirconium discs with type R attachment, with diameters ranging from 35-50-75-100 mm, or hard discs with a 22.2 mm hole.

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Engine the 2 models:
1st Model: fixed speed, 230V, 750 W, 11,000 rpm
2nd Model: variable speed, 230V, 1100 W, 11,000 rpm
Weight: 2 Kg
Dimensions: 20x10x5 cm
Equipment: platomandrino + n°1 harmonic steel disc + n°6 zirconium discs with type R attachment
Optional: cutting discs, felt discs, diamond discs
Connection: normal current
Spare parts: on request by e-mail to
Warranty : one year
Phone: +39 348 5906830

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