Electric trowel


Low speed electric trowel for plaster, usable both with water and dry. Electric smoothing machine for rough and fine plasters. Suitable for both fine and rough mortars, for walls and ceilings, for interior and exterior works. The magnesium motor is 750W-220V with quadruple mechanical reduction and tachi torque control from 35 to 100 rpm. Aluminum return angle. The trowel can be ordered with a central or lateral rubber handle. The ultra-flat ergonomic shape allows it to be used even between the scaffolding and the wall. It is possible to facilitate the use of the operator, through a quick coupling / release system. The trowel is equipped with a RCD as standard. The autonomy of water atomization is about 15 square meters.

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Motor: 750W-220V magnesium
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 15x40x6 cm
Equipment: aluminum or metal case + n°1 pad in geranium sponge of 350 mm + n°1 pad in sponges of 350 mm + n°1 pressure pump of 2 Lt
Optional: discs and pads – 10lt pressure pump – pad to sand the polystyrene (for the thermal coat coating)
Connection: normal current
Cable length: 3 mt
Trowel sponges diameter: 35 cm
Spare parts: on request at wink.tools@gmail.com
Warranty: 1 year
Phone: +39 348 5906830
Mail: wink.tools@gmail.com

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