Hot cutter


Hot cutting machine for polystyrene and polyestylene panels. The trestle frame allows it to be used in maximum safety and stability even simply by leaning it against a wall. This allows it to be used also along the corridors of the scaffolding, without hindering the passage and the work of the operators.
On our site there are three models available:
1. Version with 220V-200 VA transformer with a single 40V output.
2. This version, with 220V-4.2 A transformer with its own 24V output.
3. Version with 220V-200 VA transformer with two 40 and 12V outputs.



Weight: 18 Kg
Dimensions: 60x60x25 cm
Maximum cutting depth:
Optional: fretwork for holes
Connection: current or battery
Spare parts: on request at
Warranty: 1 year
Phone: +39 348 5906830

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