Sander for shutters and Windows


Ultra-light, silent, mini sander with an ergonomic handle for reduced vibrations. Pad with quick coupling type R in steel for discs from 50-75 mm, and 10.8/12/14.4 Volt batteries.
Very important machine tool for sanding small surfaces, corners, edges and difficult points. Sander suitable for sanding, in a very short time and in a precise way, the corners of the slats of wooden shutters. Where attention to detail is essential, this tool ensures optimal work.
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Motor: 150W with quick speed control, by means of a button of the revolutions from 0 to 18000 RPM
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 15x13x6 cm
Orbit diameter: discs of max 100 mm can be used
Equipment: plastic bag, n°1 disc of 75 mm + n°2 discs of 50 mm. Cable kit with tweezers and terminals for hooking up to any type of 10.8/12/14.4 Volt battery, or power cord for 220-240 V.
Optional: power supply for fixed network from 230 Volt to 12 Volt. Available hard, semi-rigid and flexible discs of different diameters and different pads to allow cuts and sanding in places not reachable with traditional pads.
Connection: both with power cable and battery
Phone: +39 348 5906830

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